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Updated Book List

clipart2877458I noticed that I hadn’t kept up with what is on my PocketBible.  So, you may want to take a look at it to make sure you have all of the books you would like which I offer. Laridian also has some great new books you may like!


A Commentary on The Westminster Confession of Faith

Though written 150 years ago in 1869, A.A. Hodge’s  “A Commentary on the Westminster Confession of Faith” (or “The Westminster Confession: A Commentary”) gives a clear understanding of each element of The Westminster Confession of Faith that is still relevant to today.

In this commentary A.A. Hodge, son and successor of Charles Hodge at Princeton Theological Seminary, analyses the chapters and sections of the Confession, gives proofs and illustrations of its teaching, and helps the learner and teacher by adding a series of questions to each chapter. The result is a fine handbook of Christian doctrine explaining all the leading doctrines of Scripture in simple language.

If you would like to add it to your PocketBible® library, let me know via Available Books and I’ll authorize it for you.

Updated Books

If you have previously downloaded “Major Bible Themes” by Lewis Sperry Chafer or “Historical Creeds & Confessions” which is a compendium of Christian creeds and confessions, both of these books have been updated to correct errors and in the case of “Historical Creeds & Confessions”, to add Martin Luther’s Shorter Catechism.

As always, the updates automatically show up in your Laridian© PocketBible© library.

I do have a few new books that I’m working on. Check My Free Laridian PocketBible Books to see what’s coming!

Hodge & Chafer

135013-004-B683BB11chaferIn one volume, I have combined Charles Hodge’s commentaries on Romans, 1st Corinthians and Galatians. He also did 2nd Corinthians, but so far I have been unable to find a usable public domain copy of this commentary.  If I locate one, I’ll work on it and add it to this tome.

Also, Lewis Sperry Chafer published, “Major Bible Themes” which is now available also.

If you would like to add them to your PocketBible® library, let me know via Available Books and I’ll authorize them for you.

Coming Soon!

7200697F-E4EB-4153-9F7E-444E24E90567I admit, my theological beliefs may be a bit like gumbo.  I’ll read something from Covenant theology and think, “Hmmm, good point.” But then, another day something Dispensational may make an opposing interpretation and I’ll think, “Hmmm, good point.”  I guess that has been helpful in being involved in interdenominational ministry.

So, if you are not afraid of study material from both major branches of Christian theology, Calvinism and Dispensationalism, I have dual upcoming offerings in the next couple of weeks.  I’ll post again when they are completed and ready for download.

Charles Hodge (Calvinist)

  • Commentaries on Romans, 1st Corinthians and Ephesians
  • The Holy Spirit

Lewis Sherry Chafer (Dispensationalist)

  • Major Bible Themes


Three New Books

Today, three new books that I’ve created using Laridian’s® Bookbuilder® program are available. Two devotionals and one commentary/other.

First up: The Books of the Law in 6 Months will be my reading for July – December this year. I was thinking about what I wanted to read over the last six months of this year since I am finishing Laridian’s New Testament in Six Months devotional in a few days. So, I thought….let’s do the Torah!

Next: The Psalms in 90 Days.  Tim Tinsley, pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Chattanooga (my church) put this challenge to the congregation this summer. And, since I do all my reading and study on an iPad, I needed to make a new Laridian book.

Finally: A Brief Bible History: A Survey of the Old and New Testaments by James Oscar Boyd & John Gresham Machen. From the preface…

“This book surveys the history of God’s redeeming grace. It reviews Old Testament history, disclosing the stream of God’s redeeming purposes flowing down through the older times. It reviews New Testament history, disclosing the broadening and deepening of that purpose for us men and for mankind in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and his Church.
The chapters included in this book appear also as a part of Teaching the Teacher, a First Book in Teacher Training, and are issued in this form to supply the demand for a brief Bible history, for popular reading. – Harold McA. Robinson.”

As always, if you are interested in these or any other books that I’ve created, just go to Available Books!

Horatius Bonar

OK, I admit you may not be familiar with Horatius Bonar.  But, his writings are well worth the read and study.  I’ve just finished four of his works:

  • Horatius Bonar’s “How Shall I Go to God?”
  • Horatius Bonar’s “Light and Truth”
  • Horatius Bonar’s “The Everlasting Righteousness”
  • Horatius Bonar’s “The Rent Veil”

Horatius_Bonar_-_Project_Gutenberg_eText_13103Horatius Bonar (19 December 1808 – 31 July 1889), a contemporary and acquaintance of Robert Murray M’Cheyne. He was a Scottish churchman and poet. He was a voluminous and highly popular author. He also served as the editor for “The Quarterly Journal of Prophecy” from 1848 to 1873 and for the “Christian Treasury” from 1859 to 1879. In addition to many books and tracts wrote a number of hymns, many of which, e.g., “I heard the voice of Jesus say” and “Blessing and Honour and Glory and Power,” became known all over the English-speaking world. (

As always, let me know if you want them via Available Books.