If I remember right, my first handheld was a Windows CE device. And, it was the coolest device. Though it constantly had to be recalibrated to use the stylus, and the screen was black on grey, it was a marvel.

Nice 1975 hair!

To understand this, I was an ANS Cobol programmer in the mid-1970’s on an IBM 370 mainframe computer. So, something this powerful that could be held in a hand….

Time has passed, and now I depend upon an iPad and iPhone for most everything, including my Bible study. PocketBible® by Laridian® (www.laridian.com) has been my app for years. Its cost and ease of use are perfect. The selection of Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, etc. is more than sufficient. And, I’ve added their free Bible and books as well as customizing my PocketBible library with other great Bibles and books that Laridian offers.

One awesome thing that Laridian has is the program, Bookbuilder®. With it, a user can create his/her own books.

The books that I offer are not available at Laridian. They are public domain texts that I have converted to PocketBible books. I am actively converting books, so the list will continue to expand.

Go to the Available Books page for the list and how to receive the books you want.

Future projects may include the following:

Right now, I am working on making some updates/corrections to existing books, so  over the next few weeks you may see updates in your PocketBible library!

That’s all for now, but if you have a suggestion, let me know!

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